Cockroach On the Media! OMG

Hi guys, sorry for the misunderstanding created by the blog post title 🙂

What we meant was Exabytes Cockroach Startup Program, a startup program that is set to empower countless entrepreneurs in the country and maximize their potential has been featured on various media.

We thank all the media companies for helping us to spread the word, and are excited that applications to Exabytes Cockroach Startup Program have started to come in.

Have you recently created a business startup (less than 2 years ago)? Or do you have any great idea in mind? Join us to become an immortal cockroach – resilient, highly adaptable and equipped to overcome challenges – made possible by building a strong foundation for the business before working its way to the top.


Vulcan Post, 3rd April 2017:
We Kept Asking If This Cockroach Tech Funding Program In M’sia Is An April Fool’s Joke

Enterprise TV, 4th April 2017:
Get the right ICT support with COCKROACH Tech Funding

Reseller Malaysia, 4th April 2017:
Exabytes to fund ‘cockroach’ startups

Malaysian Business, 4th April 2017:
Cockroach Tech Funding Programme to Help Malaysian Startups Get The Right ICT Support

Internet Everywhere, 4th April 2017:
Exabytes COCKROACH Tech Funding Program

i3investor, 4th April 2017:
Amazon’s race to be first $IT Company, Cockroach Tech Funding, Grab’s First Major Acquisition

VSDaily, 5th April 2017 :
‘COCKROACH Tech Funding’ Program to Help Malaysian Startups Get the Right ICT Support

Broadcast on BFM, 4th April 2017:

Exabytes launches Cockroach Startup Program as 1st Ever Tech Funding Program

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