Exabytes Cockroach Startup Program

Exabytes Cockroach Startup Program is a brainchild of the Exabytes Group,
created with the objective of assisting and empowering great ideas and
entrepreneurs in the country, maximizing their potential so that they can
be all they could be. The name ‘cockroach’ was chosen to highlight the
desired qualities of ideal startups – resilient, highly adaptable and
equipped to overcome challenges – made possible by building a strong
foundation for the business before working its way to the top.

Committed to empowering startups and giving them the leverage they need to
reach their goals, startups that meet the minimum requirements of this
program will be offered RM 3000 worth of Exabytes credits. These credits
can be used to purchase services crucial to the success of the startups
while minimizing their operating cost, such as domains, cloud hosting and
website security. Moreover, when products/services have been successfully
built, startups will receive an additional RM 30,000 in Exabytes credits
and RM 20,000 in cash.